How Much Space Do I Need to Add an ADU to my LA Property?

How Much Space Do I Need to Add an ADU to my LA Property?

How Much Space Do I Need to Add an ADU to My LA Property? Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a popular solution in Los Angeles for many scenarios. They can present an opportunity to maximize income potential from your property or add a stream of income, and can also become the perfect home for elderly parents, adult children, or guests.


Would you like to add an ADU to your property but are not sure if you have the right space? We can show you some of our top choices for sustainably built, beautifully designed ADUs and help you determine if they will work with your current property. We can even help you find a new property that will accommodate all of your plans. Contact us any time to learn more.



How Much Space Do I Need to Add an ADU to my LA Property?


How Much Space Do I Need to Add an ADU to My LA Property?


What size can an ADU be?


Our favorite line of ADUs is the S&D lytemods™. These architecturally beautiful and smart units are built with sustainable, solid materials like light gauge steel (LGS) and the latest in smart home technology. S&D lytemods™ are available in a wide range of sizes, so you are almost certain to find something that fits your space.


Start by identifying the location on your property that makes sense for an ADU. This will help you determine the space you have and how large an ADU your unique property can accommodate. S&D lytemods™ offers a line of micro mods, starting at just 300 square feet for a studio with a loft. On the largest end of the spectrum for the micro line, there is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom design in a compact 723 square feet. As the tiny home trend has taken off, more people are realizing just how functional a compact space can be.


If you are looking for something larger, perhaps to be wheelchair accessible or simply offer more space, consider one of the more spacious designs, like a 2-story, 1,234 square foot single family home style ADU with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.


How can I choose the right ADU design for me?


With so many designs to choose from, you may be wondering how to determine which S&D lytemods™ ADU is right in your unique scenario. Before looking through the many designs available, ask yourself these questions:


  • What are my plans for the ADU? If you are planning to build a home for an aging parent, make sure to choose a design that will work even as their mobility becomes more limited. You may also want to choose one with an additional bedroom for a caretaker in the future.
  • How much space on the property am I willing to give up? If you are hoping to build something with multiple bedrooms without giving up any more yard space than necessary, prioritize the 2 story designs.
  • Is the ADU going to house personal guests or family members, or will it be an income property? This may affect the style you choose because you may want to prioritize privacy if you plan to have tenants rather than personal guests or family members in the ADU. If so, you will want to choose a design that can be oriented on your property to face away from your personal home or be accessed from a private part of the property.


If you have additional questions about selecting the right ADU design for you, we are here to help. To learn more about how to add an ADU to your Los Angeles property, contact us any time.


More information: California Laws Allow Apartment Owners to Build ADUs


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