LADBS Requirements for ADUs

LADBS Requirements for ADUs

Are you considering all the ways an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) might be the perfect addition to your Los Angeles property? Whether you are looking to create an additional stream of income by leveraging part of your property or want to begin caring for an elderly parent while preserving their privacy and independence, an ADU can be the ideal solution.

LADBS Requirements for ADUs

One of the biggest challenges people face when deciding to build an ADU is the pre-construction process: hiring someone to design it, getting the design approved and permitted, and all the revisions that might be required in that process can be time consuming and expensive. Many people experience delays and end up spending more than expected before any of the construction material has even been purchased.
The best way to avoid this frustration? Choose an ADU design that has already been approved the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). Our most highly recommended solution for this is S&D lytemods™.
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S&D lytemods™ have been Pre-Approved by LADBS

With 7 pre-approved modelsbuilding an ADU with S&D lytemods™ allows you to select a design that makes the most sense for your plans, your budget, and your property and skip right to the good part. You can avoid the cost of hiring an architect and the unpredictable timeline associated with waiting for approval by selecting from one of their designs instead.
LADBS is happy to provide pre-approval for these designs because it fits with their goals to safely address the housing crisis; it’s a win-win scenario. These 7 designs include something for everyone, whether you are looking for a cozy tiny home or something with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

S&D lytemods™ was Designed with Typical Single Family Homes in Mind

The 7 pre-approved S&D lytemods™ models were designed with typical California single-family homes in mind. The configuration of most houses on a typical California property will accommodate one, or many, of the S&D lytemods™ options.
You will be amazed at the efficiency of the process with these pre-approved designs when you compare them to starting from scratch with your own designer. For the fastest timeline and the best use of your investment, we think it is an obvious choice.

S&D lytemods™ Pre-Approved Designs are Diverse

When you picture an ADU, you might be thinking of a tiny granny flat with just a few hundred square feet. For some plans, this is the perfect solution. Other people might be looking for something a little more spacious.
Whatever your goals, the diverse pre-approved designs available can make them a reality. The smallest S&D lytemods™ pre-approved model is just under 400 square feet, a studio that feels spacious because of its soaring ceilings and large windows but has a petite footprint that allows you to fit it in even a small backyard.
The largest of the designs is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with 2 stories that total over 1,200 square feet. This represents a massive opportunity for rental income or providing housing to family members.
Between these two ends of the spectrum are 5 other floor plans so that you can enjoy the customization of working with your own architect without the expense or extended timeline that is associated.
Want to learn more about adding an ADU to your property? We would love to help. Contact us any time with your questions.


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