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Choosing Between a Luxury Condo and a House in LA in 2023

Choosing Between a Luxury Condo and a House in LA in 2023 – Los Angeles real estate includes an abundance of choices for those in the market for luxury property, including both condos and single-family homes. If you are not sure which is the best fit for your lifestyle and needs, consider these pros and cons to help you decide.
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Choosing Between a Luxury Condo and a House in LA in 2023

Consider Where You Want to Live

Choosing the right location in Los Angels is an essential first step in deciding between a single family home or estate and a luxury condo. It’s no secret that there is a diverse array of locations to choose from in Los Angeles, from luxury high-rise condo or loft in the city to a grand estate tucked into the hills to a beach house on the cliffs with an ocean breeze.
Before determining the type of property you want, fall in love with a location in Los Angeles. The place you want to live may end up telling you what type of home best suits your ideal lifestyle in this season of your life.

Pay Attention to Amenities

In addition to the property itself, the amenities offered by the community should carry some significant weight as you decide whether a condo or house is the better fit. Many luxury condos in Los Angeles include access to amenities that are on par with a high end resort. It is not uncommon to see a spa, valet and concierge service, housekeeping services, catering services, private security, and resort style pools and common areas as a part of a condo community in Los Angeles.
There are also many luxury neighborhoods in Los Angeles that feature similar community amenities, though many of the smaller neighborhoods do not. You are likely to find that a house on a large property may feature a pool, tennis court, guest house, or other extra features. Many single family home neighborhoods in Los Angeles also feature security, but you will not find valet and concierge services like you would in many condos.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

In nearly every case, a condo will require far less maintenance and upkeep than a condo. While you will be responsible for updating and maintaining the interior of your condo, the exterior maintenance is almost always handled by the HOA.
This is ideal for those who do not want to deal with hiring and managing landscapers or contractors and prefer a hands-off approach to homeownership. If you travel often or are looking for the lowest maintenance home you can have, a condo will likely be the better fit.
Those who prefer a house should be prepared for a higher level of maintenance, renovation, and repairs. The trade-off is a larger and more private property, with more autonomy to customize the way the space looks and functions.
Consider the resources you are willing and able to put towards property maintenance to help determine which is the better fit in your current season of life.
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