Open House Do's & Don'ts: Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere for Buyers

Open House Do's & Don'ts: Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere for Buyers

Your open house: a make-or-break moment for selling your home. So how do you turn it into a buyer magnet? Here's a quick guide to Open House Do's & Don't to create a welcoming atmosphere:


  • Clean & Sparkle: First impressions are key. Make your home shine with a deep clean and decluttering.
  • Light it Up: Embrace natural light and add warm lamps for a cozy evening vibe.
  • De-Personalize: Remove personal items – buyers need to see themselves living there.
  • Stage Smartly: Arrange furniture to highlight space and functionality. Consider staging vacant rooms.
  • Pleasant Scents: Use natural aromas like flowers or baked goods (skip overpowering air fresheners).
  • Warm Welcome: Greet visitors and have someone answer basic questions.
  • Highlight Features: Showcase unique selling points with brochures or information sheets.


  • Price Talk Upfront: Let the house speak for itself. Price discussions are for private showings.
  • Empty Rooms: Add touches like throw pillows or towels to create a sense of livability.
  • Chatterbox Host: Be friendly, but let buyers explore at their own pace.
  • Forget Follow-Up: Thank visitors and address questions promptly.
  • Little Things Matter: Fix leaky faucets, burnt-out bulbs, and overflowing trash.
  • Pets on Patrol: Unless pre-arranged, leave pets elsewhere during the open house.
  • Valuables on Display: Secure valuables and important documents before the event.
  • Skip Refreshments: Offer light refreshments to encourage buyers to linger.


By following these Open House Do's & Don'ts, you can transform your property into a buyer's dream, boosting your chances of a quick and successful sale.



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