Pros and Cons of Living by the Beach in Los Angeles County

Pros and Cons of Living by the Beach in Los Angeles County

Living by the Beach in Los Angeles County – Have you always dreamed of living near the ocean? For many people, owning a house by the beach in Los Angeles is the dream. Before you take the plunge and make an offer on a home by the beach, consider these pros and cons to decide if it’s the right fit for you.
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Benefits of Living by the Beach


Living by the beach allows you to enjoy a lifestyle you may have only dreamed about. Even on a busy work day, you can squeeze in a morning surf session or walk on the beach. After work or on the weekends, take a bike ride along the coast or enjoy dinner while watching the sun set over the ocean. The lifestyle you can enjoy as a beachfront property owner is unbeatable.


The views you enjoy from your beach home are priceless. Many people find that looking out onto the ocean from their bedroom window or back patio is just as refreshing after living in the home for a decade as it was one day one, a truly invaluable perk on living by the beach.

Property Value

There is protection for property values when you live by the beach. Demand for beachfront properties is always strong, with an inherently limited supply and a timeless appeal. Buying beachfront property in Los Angeles is a slam-dunk investment.


There’s nothing like being able to entertain in a house by the beach. Everyone wants to visit the home with the ocean views and walkable distance to the beach. If you enjoy entertaining, weather-throwing parties or welcoming overnight guests, you can kick your hospitality game up a few levels by owning a beach house.

Drawbacks of Living by the Beach


When you live by the beach, it’s common sense that you will likely have to deal with crowds and tourists. Just like you love living on the coast, many people love visiting it for the day or the week. Consider whether traffic and street parking nuisances might be too frustrating for you.


Planning ahead for potential issues with living by the beach is essential. If you are looking at homes that are set on a cliff or in an area with risk of mudslide or major erosion, remember that you may need to be prepared for major repairs, a high insurance premium, or even moving out of the home due to environmental factors.


While most people are aware that they will pay a premium for beachfront property, or a home within blocks of the coast, don’t forget there can be other expenses associated with a beach house, too. Insurance costs tend to be higher for a home by the beach, and you may also find that the wear and tear on your home can be more significant with closer proximity to wind and saltwater in the air.
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